Rudy giovannini can play hits, but also rough operas

Rudy giovannini can play hits, but also rough operas

Last sunday the waldbuhne in heldritt was transformed into an odeon for friends of folk music. "Guilt" rudy giovannini, who is also known as the "caruso of the mountains", was also involved is called.

With his distinctive and sonorous voice, the 54-year-old from sudtiroland captivated the auditorium in the completely filled audience of the waldbuhne with a great deal of emotion and devotion. The singer, whose classical vocal training was clearly evident, managed not to present his performance as a string of songs. Instead, he led through the two-hour program with a lot of wit and sophisticated humor.

Balm for the soul

Rudy giovannini succeeded in a masterly manner to take his audience away from everyday life and to take them on an emotional journey through the musical world of the mountains, including longing, love, heartache and contentment. Balm for the soul.

Almost reverently, the audience hung on his lips when he was called, among other things, "la montanara" or "va pensiero" (prisoners’ chorus) from the verdi opera "nabucco resounding sweetly. The fact that a standing ovation followed was only a logical consequence of his singing skills. The artist was also "close to the people", by falling in love with the stage and mingling with his enthusiastic audience. The fact that his fans did not come unprepared was evident from the numerous gifts with which he was presented. Of course kisses were also exchanged. For rudy giovanni it was the art of making the "bussis" so to put in the text pauses to be ready with the ceremony when the song required his singing. But also these hurdles he took skillfully.

This is how he describes himself on his homepage: "the public favorite started his musical career in the church choir, later he joined a rock band. After a visit to the opera, which impressed him very much, he decided to study classical singing before discovering light music." All this makes for the versatility of the artist.

From the license plates on the parking lots, it was clear that the lovers of rudy giovannini’s music did not only come from the coburg area. According to the vehicles, fans from hesse, thuringia, saxony and large parts of bavaria had also traveled to heldritt to see their favorite live and close up.

His fans experienced a wonderful afternoon that left no musical wishes unfulfilled. Last but not least, it was the charm that rudy giovanni exuded that made the concert an experience – until its beautiful conclusion.

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