Saint nicholas post office: even “rude children” get an answer

saint nicholas post office: even 'rude children' get an answer

Not only children, but also adults of all ages can write to santa claus: "even "coarse children" will get an answer from the santa claus post office," announced the festive committee st. Santa claus in the saarland with.

In the corona pandemic, the intention was also to address older people – also in senior citizens’ homes – who would like to receive mail from santa claus. The answers will be sent from the end of next week, the post office is from the 5. December to geoffnet.

7000 letters so far

So far, around 7,000 letters from children all over the world have been received by the saint nicholas post office, said sabine gerecke, head of the children’s letter campaign in the festivities committee st. Nikolaus the german press agency. "A rough part of it has already been answered and is already waiting to finally go on its journey." Many children wished on their wish lists, "that corona would go away".

For christmas 2020, the volunteers had to 29.845 letters from children in a total of 45 countries answered – more than ever before. For more than 50 years, children have been writing "to nikolaus" in the small village in the municipality of grobrosseln near the french border. According to the german post office, it is the oldest nikolaus post office in germany. The partnership between the festausschuss and the post office dates back to 1967.

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