Savings bank closes branch in wiesenthau

savings bank closes branch in wiesenthau

At the end of the municipal council meeting in wiesenthau there was a bang. Mayor bernd drummer (BGW) announced that the savings bank would be closing its branch in. May, the savings bank will close its branch in wiesenthau. The volksbank had already withdrawn a few years ago, so that there is now no longer a financial institution represented in the municipality. Drummer received the message at short notice from the board of directors of the sparkasse. The mayor regretted the move, even though he could understand it from an economic point of view. But it breaks again a stone out of the village community. The savings bank offers assistance to elderly citizens with online banking. A real consolation is not.

Building area "binzig

Many chairs had to be moved to accommodate the audience at the town council meeting in wiesenthau town hall. The main point of interest was item 6 of the agenda for the "binzig" building area, which was: "determination of the award criteria for the building sites". It has taken decades for wiesenthau to offer building land to those willing to build in the coarse mabstab. 23 spaces will be available after development. Demand exceeds supply several times over.

Neutral assessment basis

"Since 2017, people have been knocking on my door, but it can’t just be the nose factor", mayor bernd drummer said at the meeting. So a neutral valuation basis had to be worked out. This was now available as a draft resolution in a point system. The applicant with the highest score has the first choice and so the further placement follows. Three main areas are evaluated. On the one hand it is the local factor with questions like place of residence, honorary office, place of work. In addition, there are social criteria such as children, family criteria or need for care. It is a broad spectrum of questions. The system favors the local population, families with children and applicants with social commitment, but does not exclude applicants from outside the company. Because the municipality of wiesenthau is the seller of the plots, the actual use can also be controlled. This means that construction must take place within three years, thus avoiding building setbacks. It is also hoped that speculators can essentially be excluded.

Each one only a plot of land

In addition, each developer can only purchase one plot of land. Now follows the publication in the bulletin and on the website. Interested parties receive an application form. A committee evaluates the data for the allocation of the building site.

Extension of the kindergarten

The expansion of the day care center also continues. For the project is estimated 1.635 million euros, 819.000 euro remained as a means of demand. Various trades are put out to tender. The company kestler-bau from forchheim received the order for the masonry work with a value of 282.000 euro. The new playground and the outdoor facilities were installed by the company meier from pegnitz for 145.000 euro. In addition, the previous statutes of the kindergarten were changed in one point. Children in the nursery will in future be admitted after the completion of the first year of life and no longer from the second month, which was unrealistic in practice.

Industrial park

After the turn lane of the county road to the commercial area "dorfacker" the new development plan for schlaifhausen has now been approved by the town council, and the decision has been made to hold another public consultation and to involve the public interest groups.

The digital age is now dawning in the classroom at wiesenthau elementary school. Corresponding purchases for 35.000 euros have been paid. But this should also include the fast connection of the school with fiber optics. The municipal council found the offer from telekom to lay the cable to the distribution cabinet 200 meters away 80 euros to be too expensive.000 euro to demand. Three bidders had written to the municipality. Only telekom was interested, so the choice is very limited. The pain, however, will be reduced by the state subsidy of 50.000 euro alleviated.

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