Search for departed senior in uttenreuth

Since tuesday, the 84-year-old wilhelmine K. Missing from uttenreuth (erlangen-hochstadt district). She left her house on tuesday morning with unknown destination. Extensive searches by the police have so far been unsuccessful.

In addition, the rescue dog team of the bavarian red cross (BRK), search teams from the uttenreuth fire department, a drone from the erlangen fire department and a police helicopter were deployed. One focus of the search was the forest area in the area of eisenstrabe.

The senior is 1.62 meters tall and has a normal figure. She has neck-length brown hair and wears glasses. About the clothing is not known. She is not frail, but dependent on medication, as the police erlangen-land informs.

After the police had already searched intensively with a mantrailer dog for the elderly lady, on wednesday at 16.23 o’clock first the inspection service of the district, the drone of the fire department erlangen and the flat search dogs of the BRK requested.

After the low-water carrying schwabach and its banks up to buckenhof had been searched by drone, the head of operations, district fire inspector stefan brunner, and district fire chief klaus funk, in coordination with the police, loved to call in the on-duty head of rescue services, harald heb (arbeiter-samariter-bund erlangen-hochstadt) as an expert advisor to the aid organizations, as well as the uttenreuth fire department. Areas of the shore that were difficult to see from the air were once again checked by fire department search teams, according to a report from the erlangen-hochstadt district fire department association. Despite the intensive search from the air, with various dogs and the forces of the fire department and police could not be found the departed senior.

Due to the low temperatures since the day before, it was not expected that they could still be found alive, so the night search was called off after a few hours in consultation with all involved forces and the advanced time.

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