Steigerwald club opens for mountain bikers

Steigerwald club opens for mountain bikers

Both groups have one thing in common: a love of nature. Some enjoy forests and meadows to fub, others want it faster and more exciting: they are on the road with their mountain bikes.

It is inevitable that there will be repeated arguments, sometimes with unflattering remarks, and that mutual respect will often leave a lot to be desired. "This should now be put to an end", says martin rugamer, deputy chairman of the steigerwald club gerolzhofen and passionate biker.

For this reason, according to rugamer, the idea of founding a mountain bike section in the steigerwaldklub was born, and also to break down prejudices on both sides. It is another forward-looking step, which the chairman engelbert muller also fully supports.

"Most hikes are still done by fub, but bike hikers are on the rise and nature belongs to everyone," says muller. After intensive discussions with pirmin hering, axel schmitt and associate chairman josef brenner, who are responsible for the mountainbikers, the board of directors unanimously decided in august to dissolve the department.

What is expected from mountain bikers? One could well imagine that the bikers also maintain the hiking trails. The steigerwald club could in turn be the link between forster and biker. "We don't want to destroy the paths or the forest, on the contrary, we are just as interested in protecting our nature," say axel schmitt and pirmin hering. New ideas they want to bring in. Rugamer himself is already thinking about bike tours on touring bikes or mtb bikes, led by trained mountain bike guides, and routes worked out and recommended by the steigerwaldklub, such as "with the bike from the schwanberg to the zabelstein and up to the habberge"."

The question also came up, what should cause a biker, who is per se an individual type, to become attached to a club? Hering and schmitt have also given this some thought. During the winter season indoor courses should take place; "schrauber-lehrgange" or driving technique seminars are offered, in order to call only some the ideas. And from 2013, mtb tours will take place at different levels of difficulty. The tours will be included in the program booklet of the steigerwaldklub.

The steigerwaldklub invites all interested parties to a trial tour with the mountain bike on 30. September a. Meeting point is the parking lot berliner strabe at 11 a.M. The mtb tours will take place in two performance groups over 15 and 30 kilometers. Destination is the zabelstein.

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