Supplementary budget due to trench renovations

Supplementary budget due to trench renovations

Actually, the new paving of the pfarrgasse in abtswind is supposed to be finished on 17. June start. However, this date will probably not be kept, informed engineer valentin maier on monday evening in the municipal council meeting. Not good news, but the second piece of news he had about the tree inspection was even more serious: the estimated cost of 410,000 euros is not nearly enough. The budgeted amount was therefore increased by 340,000 euros to 750,000 euros in the form of a supplementary budget.

Construction in two sections
"We don't need to take out any loans for this, but can finance everything through the return", mayor klaus lenz assured the municipal councils. There are others in the 2013 budget "not much", according to christine volk, who was also present at the meeting, the administrative budget remained unchanged at 1,805,317 euros, with only the property budget increasing by 340,000 euros to a total of 1,480,282 euros.

The on 23. According to engineer maier, the may submission showed that seven of the 13 companies contacted had submitted an offer, although the individual offers did not differ greatly from one another. The lowest bid was 636 279.25 euros, and the second bidder was 2.5 percent higher.
The repaving of the parish street will be divided into two segments, the first of which will be built from the junction of the parish street with the main street at the height of the "swan" I'm going to tackle the first stitch in this year's tournament and get to the first stitch. The next section, which will also include the second stichstrabe near the parsonage, will come next year.

In addition, the construction will be carried out in sections, i.E. The removal of the old paving will be followed by the new paving. This approach is much more advantageous for the residents than completely removing the pavement of the first construction phase and then paving it all over again. Then the parish road would be a continuous construction site for a longer period of time. The rate agreed with this approach. 

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