Swedish minister: harassment also in politics

Swedish minister: harassment also in politics

"I don’t want to talk about it too personally, but I can confirm that this is happening at the highest political level and that even I have experienced it," she told the swedish news agency TT.

On facebook, wallstrom joined the "#metoo" campaign. Women report abuse and harassment under this keyword. Wallstrom did not specify which incident she was referring to.

In 2014, the swedish politician had reported in a book about sexual harassment at a dinner with several EU heads of state and government. "Suddenly i feel a hand on my thigh. My table neighbor began to grope me. That was completely unreal," she wrote at the time. Wallstrom did not mention the name of the person sitting next to him at the table. She had complained about him, but did not know if there had been any consequences.

The "#metoo" campaign was set in motion by the scandal surrounding US film producer harvey weinstein, who is suspected of abuse. Weinstein denies the allegations. The case sparked an international debate about abuse and harassment of women, not only in the film industry.

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