Tax refund from the tax office for 2012 at the earliest end of march

Tax refund from the tax office for 2012 at the earliest end of march

This will probably take until mid march, the chairman of the german tax union, thomas eigenthaler, told the dpa on saturday.

Eigenthaler advised that the tax return should nevertheless be submitted as quickly as possible – especially if a refund is expected. This ensures a good processing date. "The longer you wait with the submission, the longer it takes in the end." The tax union, which is part of the german civil service association, represents the employees of the tax authorities in germany.

In addition to the annual updating of the computer programs, the tax offices also had to incorporate data supplied at the beginning of the year, for example on insurance contributions, eigenthaler explained.

Basic tax allowance to be increased

Certain changes for taxpayers in 2013 will not be possible until to be implemented late. After disputes over compromises made by the mediation committee of the bundestag and bundesrat in december, the final decision on raising the basic tax allowance, for example, was postponed until the new year. It is to be increased by 126 euros to 8130 euros a year.

The union faction had said that there would be no disadvantages for citizens because all points could be decided retroactively. The bundestag is expected to deal with the results of the negotiations in january. After that, the federal council can vote on it.

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