The kerwa will remain in the engelgarten in the future

Christian bauriedel

the hochstadt city council voted unanimously: the kerwa will be held in the engelgarten in the future. Due to the construction site at the aisch- and flutbrucke, the green area at the city wall had actually been intended only as a transitional location.
Twice the kerwa has already taken place there. But then many people realized that the ambience under the trees was much better suited to a church festival than the somewhat dreary parking lot in the aischaue. Moreover, the kerwa near the city center enlivens the city much more.
"After many discussions with burgers, tent operators and breweries, it only makes sense to keep the kerwa in the engelgarten", said mayor gerald brehm (JL) in the meeting on monday. The city had also spent about 100000 euros for the connection of electricity, water and wastewater.
JL spokesman michael ulbrich emphasized the approval of his parliamentary group. He could not refrain from pointing out that the JL had already submitted a motion in 2011 in the cultural committee to move the kerwa to the (gentler) engelgarten.
At that time, this was vehemently rejected by the CSU and SPD. Ute salzner (CSU), for example, found an investment in the necessary infrastructure in the engelgarten to be too expensive. She also had concerns about larvae pollution.
The then SPD city councillor paul neudorfer was also one of the advocates of the festival site. Before spending a lot of money on the angel garden, it would be better to make the festival square more attractive, for example with proper paving and tree planting, was his opinion six years ago.

Festival site was an ongoing topic

This was also the opinion of andreas hanjes (SPD) in 2011. He even demanded that a kerwa in the angel garden "be rejected for the next hundred years".
From the point of view of the time, this was the right thing to do, says hanjes today. The SPD has always argued that the kerwa concept should not be constantly tinkered with. At that time, however, nothing was known about the bridge construction work, which was running out of time. From the point of view of the supporters of an engelgarten kerwa, they have at least one good thing going for them.
"It is already to celebrate the small festival in the romantic angel garden", hanjes says about the two test runs in 2016 and 2017 in "hochstadt’s only real park". The fact that a smaller tent is now available is also a good thing. There were also "fewer guests looking for much".

Now the campers are coming?

Ulbrich asked in the city council meeting on monday whether it would be possible to designate the festival site on the river aisch as a mobile home site without any rough edges, as had been discussed several times before. The mayor announced that he would be happy to have the matter reviewed by the administration.
In keeping with the motto of the hit "kerwa only happens once a year, second mayor gunter schulz (SPD) spoke up. He was in favor of the engelgartenkerwa in principle. Schulz, however, reminded of "no solid land for the whole year" to make of it and to limit the engelgarten to only a few rough events a year.

Stop sign for clubs

This also applies to clubs. "Desire is there", says schulz. "If we leave one club on it, all will come. And if we let this happen, the engelgarten will be ruined."
With the unanimous decision, it is now clear: the engelgarten will be allowed to host the kerwa, which will take place next year from the 29th to the 28th. June to 3. July takes place, accommodate.
It is only to be hoped that there will also be enough sun so that the trees can provide powerful shade. The fairground at the aischwiesen will then probably need a new name. Whether it might be the "wohnmobil-it remains to be seen whether the festival square will become a reality.

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