The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

The next top team awaits the heitec volleys eltmann

Another tough task for the heitec volleys eltmann in the national volleyball league: on wednesday evening (19.30 o’clock) the last team in the table receives the second team of the table, the alpenvolleys unterhaching, in the georg-schafer-hall.

Coach marco donat’s team showed how it can work against a league heavyweight 14 days ago, when it defeated vfb friedrichshafen 3-2 in a tightly contested encounter.

And a point not to be sneezed at is that the eltmanners have been unbeaten in the georg schafer hall for a year and a half. If it’s up to heitec top scorer irfan hamzagic, that’s how it should stay. "We have proven that we can beat any team at home", says the diagonal attacker. But hamzagic does not expect a self-runner: "unterhaching has a quality team with a lot of good players."

Haching has no chance in berlin

The lower franconians have no pressure against the hachinger, who have been cooperating with innsbruck since 2017. The fault lies with the guests. Coach stefan chrtiansky’s team overtook vfb friedrichshafen last sunday to secure a 3-0 home win over duren and move up the table just behind industry leader berlin volleys.

The people of haching were reluctant to interrupt their run: since the 1. December the alpenvolleys have collected 18 points from seven games. Only against table leader berlin they were without a chance with 1:3 in the max-schmeling-hall.

Heitec trainer donat classifies the upcoming encounter accordingly: "with unterhaching a strong and experienced team comes to us in eltmann. The last results in the bundesliga and in the CEV-cup underline this all the more."

Donat promises that his team will not give up a point and will fight back against the guests. The eltmanners used the time off after the friedrichshafen game to train intensively. Donat asked for extra units this past weekend. For donat, the alpine volleys are undoubtedly the rough favorite "but we’ve seen what’s possible in eltmann with our fans behind us".

Ukrainian replaces australian

For the rest of the main round and the upcoming play-offs from the end of march, the alpenvolleys have found a replacement for the migrated australian max staples last thursday and just before the closing of the transfer window. With 28-year-old dmytro shavrak, they brought in a player who had matured in italy’s A2 series and who has now moved to unterhaching via dubai.

In dubai, the season is already over, so it was possible to sign the ukrainian. "I am glad that we could agree with dmytro, he was certainly one of the best players who were free at this position" says guest coach chrtiansky. "Dmytro is a powerful attacker with a lot of experience and a very good service, he will certainly be able to help us further." Nevertheless, he will have issued the surprising result of the eltmanners from the recent home game as a clear warning to his team.

Eltmanns hamzagic does not disturb this again: "we are ready for the next cracker game, I wish me that we deliver a good game. After the success against vfb we hope that more spectators will come to the hall.&Quot.

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