“There is poverty in the country”

In times when it is often said that the "gap between rich and poor is growing wider and wider", we need to be aware of this, social associations and clubs are on the rise. This is also stated by the local association lautertal of the social association of germany (sovd). Chairwoman barbara holzel reported at the general meeting that the local association had 14 new members, bringing the total number of members to 297. This is not entirely out of the blue. The local association attaches great importance to the care of its members, as could be seen from holzel’s report.
District chairman josef haas focused his remarks on the subject of poverty. He referred to "those who loudly believe that there is no poverty in the federal republic", as a "ruthless fool". He took a hard line with the politicians, who in his opinion are doing nothing to effectively counteract poverty in germany. "No one can get away with phrases and cheap words", haas summed up his disenchantment with politics in a nutshell.
The new elections were marked by continuity. Barbara holzel was re-elected chairwoman of the association.
In his opening remarks, lautertal mayor sebastian straubel (CSU) emphasized that it was the task of the district council to address social issues. For this reason, he said, the elections to the district council should not be overshadowed by the state parliamentary elections. He attested to the local association’s focus on people and their concerns. The general meeting was rounded off by the presentation of margrit hollenz, who spoke on the topic "music is medicine" spoke.

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