Three parties, three ideas for the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool

Three parties, three ideas for the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool

Who will decide on the future of the volkach open-air swimming pool?? The old or new city council? Before christmas, it seemed as if the city council would prefer to leave this important decision to the new committee. But now there is movement in the discussion.

The SPD in volkach was the first to venture into the public arena when it held a meeting on 13 march. January submitted an application for the general renovation of the facility. In it, dieter sollner demands on behalf of his group that the "open-air swimming pool be retained in its existing form" to maintain and renovate. "The current rough with swimmer, non-swimmer and baby/children’s pool" should be maintained.

SPD manover for the municipal elections?

Exactly this "maximum demand stobt bei CSU-fraktionspprecher heiko bauerlein auf unverstandnis. Unfortunately, the SPD does not make any statement on the financing of the project, which is worth more than seven million euros. "How are we supposed to achieve intercommunal cooperation and motivate surrounding communities to cooperate if we, on the part of the city, strive for the most expensive variant??", it asks in an e-mail to this editorial office. Bauerlein is even more explicit in that he suspects: "the request is probably due to the upcoming election…?" It cannot be that the necessary renovation of the outdoor pool (with a seasonal opening time) is more expensive than the general renovation of the indoor pool.

Already on 30. December had turned bauerlein in the name of the volkacher CSU with a letter to its city council colleagues around mayor peter kornell (free choice) with the idea "the common project group from the general reorganization of the indoor swimming pool" to be reactivated soon. It had consisted of interested city council members of the parliamentary groups, the administration, the water guard and members of the demand association volkacher bader.

Idea: project group "the future of the open-air swimming pool set up

Goal: this "future of the open-air pool" project group should "submit a proposal for the general renovation of the open-air pool to the city council for decision by the time of the budget discussions". In this way, a further standstill of half a year could be avoided and the new city council members could be integrated. These are namlich at the budget discussions already involved. Bauerlein argues: for citizen participation, a concrete variant is required, the costs of which must be known.

The burgerliste, however, is pursuing a completely different approach. In its motion of 19 september, the. January to the agenda of the city council meeting on monday evening, that the result of the experts of the german society for the bath industry is an expert opinion. The submitted paper is rather a completely non-binding report. And this "does not even show the exact, current state of affairs". Group chairman jochen flammersberger therefore calls for the costs of the "alleged report" to be reimbursed disclose and ask for an objective expert opinion "from a non-biased expert".

Not on the agenda of the city council

None of the motions, however, is on the agenda of the city council meeting on monday at 19.3 p.M. In volkach town hall (building committee from 7 p.M.). In addition to the new construction of the fire station in dimbach, this only provides for the "burgerversammlung wegen freibad und gestaltung mainlande" in front of. However, in view of this advance, a discussion about concrete steps for the refurbishment of the outdoor pool could hardly be avoided.

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