Walberlafest: the main thing is that the beer tastes good

Walberlafest: the main thing is that the beer tastes good

Eager helpers had created a small tent city on the home mountain of kirchehrenbach, the walberla, almost overnight. Afterwards the helpers could only turn their thumbs and wait for the guests to appear at the most beautiful mountain festival of the franks. With the arrival of the kirchehrenbacher heimatfreunde and their maypole many spectators gathered indeed. After the "heimatfreunde" and the supporting "kerwasburschen" had put the tree upright, their children's dance group, the "ehrabocher staudla", entertained the visitors with french dances.

Gebhardt hits the barrel
The walberlafest was opened afterwards. Accompanied by the sounds of the kirchehrenbach music club, mayor anja gebhardt (SPD) buried the visitors. It was then up to gebhardt to tap the first beer barrel. They managed to do that with just a few strikes.

The mayor and her councillors were then invited to the concordia cycling club's marquee for an evening of official business. In the meantime, the spectators and visitors of the opening spectacle dispersed to the various tapping points and enjoyed the beer and bread.

Clear motives
On saturday, however, the crowds remained within manageable limits. Quite different sunday. Already in the sunny morning the visitors climbed the mountain in groups. But whether the visit to the morning service in the chapel was really in the foreground here, can probably be doubted even without malicious intentions.

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