What’s going on in the parish hall?

what's going on in the parish hall?

Every year at the church fair, the table tennis hall of the TTC tiefenlauter is transformed into a theater stage when the "lautertaler kom(m)odiens" are awarded the invite to their performances. This year, the comedy in three acts "aber, aber, herr pfarrer" is on stage by hans schimmel on the playbill.
The stage team around norbert ponsel and andrea schmied is already arranging everything in such a way that the spectator feels transported into the rooms of an empty parish house. After the death of the old pastor, the church congregation and above all the two pious housewives pauline (played by julia koch) and elisabeth (alina ros) are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a successor who will take care of the needs of his little sheep. And the clergyman actually has a number of tasks to perform in addition to the church services.
So the not-so-youthful dorothea (manuela koch) urges to finally get hitched, while the newly widowed josefine (claudia tiefenthaler) wants to have her deceased husband buried.
Local bank director bernhard mauschel (norbert ponsel), on the other hand, wants to be elected to the state parliament and seeks the support of the church, true to the motto: whoever wins the pastor over will also win the election. Bernhard’s direct competitor valentine fiebich (elke ros) vehemently opposes this.
Mathilde (andrea schmied), the housekeeper of the deceased pastor, and ottfried (ludwig seubert), the mesner, are surprised when they suddenly find the new pastor freddie (philipp schramm) in the parsonage, unfamiliar with the situation.
However, there is nothing spiritual about the talar. Under his leadership, the church services are extremely secular. But freddie’s constant companion and buddy atze (adrian sollmann) seems to be very familiar with the spirit of wine.
Where the hosts have disappeared to and what it means with the "where-does-the-fly-play"? You will find out what she is up to if you attend one of the three performances.
After the performances, the association TTC tiefenlauter invites you to a cozy wine evening.

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