Wiesenthau: barriers replace flashing lights

Wiesenthau: barriers replace flashing lights

Time and again there have been crashes at the wiesenthau railroad crossing. In order to avoid future collisions between motorists and the wiesenttalbahn train, the 1957 flashing light system is now being replaced by railroad barriers. This was confirmed by a spokesman for DB-netz-AG when asked.
The removal had been planned for a long time: as early as the end of 2015, representatives of the railroad and the road construction office had agreed that a railroad barrier could provide more safety here. The federal railway authority was responsible for the approval process. Whether a rail barrier is installed depends on the type of line (main or branch line) and the speed of the trains.
Representatives of the police, the federal railroad office, the railroad, and the district of forchheim, or the free state, checked whether the security was adequate for the local conditions.

Bringing technology up to speed

"The safest railroad crossing, says bahn press spokesman "are those that have been abandoned." In bavaria, for example, the number of train excursions has been halved from 7000 to 3500 in the last 25 years. On the 15-kilometer-long section of the wiesenttalbahn from forchheim to ebermannstadt, there are currently still 49 railroad crossings, three of which are secured by andreas crosses and warning lights. In kirchehrenbach, railroad barriers ensure safety. The planners’ hope that the railroad gates at wiesenthau station could be lowered as early as 2017 was not fulfilled. But now on 6. In july, extensive work began on the complete renewal of the railroad crossing at kilometer 6.087 of the forchheim – ebermannstadt line.

Extensive construction work

A cable trough will have to be dug along 850 meters of the railroad line so that the signal will warn drivers in good time and the barriers will close automatically. Foundations have to be built for the traffic lights and barrier drives. In the crossing area, foundations are laid for the barrier drives. A new switching station is also necessary. Also new foundations for the signals must be built. Drilling was carried out for the power supply in the intersection area. Finally, the curves and traffic islands at the railroad crossing will be adapted and redesigned.
But this extra safety does not come cheaply. The new barrier system, including the necessary accompanying acceptance tests, cost around 715,000 euros, as a DB network spokesman confirmed on request. The new plant is scheduled to go into operation next monday, 30. July. By then, the previous flashing light system must be dismantled. In the meantime, the crossing is to be secured by a mobile barrier system.

Fewer whistles

The communities along the line have worked to reduce the whistling of the locomotive drivers. Where the locomotive driver has sufficient visibility, he no longer has to blow the whistle. In addition to kirchehrenbach, ebermannstadt and forchheim have also made sure of this: 24 railroad crossings have been abandoned in recent years. When the forchheim – ebermannstadt line was opened in 1891, there was an overpass every 179 meters on average. Nevertheless, 68 boards with the letters "LP" are still in place today next to the tracks signaling: "lokfuhrer, whistle." In the 90s there were 135 whistle boards. And the railroad was against a further "land consolidation did not object.

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