Women earn less

Same work, different pay: in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, women who work full time earn 18 percent less than men. This was announced by the food and hospitality workers’ union (NGG) on the occasion of international women’s day on friday, 8. Marz, with. She refers to a statistic of the federal agency for work. According to these figures, men with a full-time job in the district of erlangen-hochstadt have an average gross income of 4184 euros per month – women, on the other hand, only 3442 euros. In bavaria, the difference in full-time earnings between the sexes is 17 percent. According to the NGG nurnberg-furth, this is due in part to the lower positions that women often have, but also in particular to companies’ unwillingness to pay them.

Trade unionist regina schleser speaks of "discrimination by pay slip". It can’t be right that women always get the short end of the stick when it comes to pay, despite working the same hours, says the NGG regional boss. "But it’s still mainly women who take care of the family and the household after a long day’s work – and without pay."

"Dramatic consequences"

That’s another reason why they are often forced to work fewer hours. According to the employment agency, 76 percent of all part-time positions in the erlangen-hochstadt district are currently held by women. "Especially in the hospitality industry and in baking, it’s common for them to have only half a job – or even less", criticizes schleser.

The consequences are "dramatic" at the latest at retirement age, according to the NGG. "Those who earn little over decades and have interruptions in their working lives, for example because of children, hardly receive any pension points. This then leads to poverty pensions, which the state has to top up.", stresses schleser. In the end, taxpayers paid the price for the discrimination of women in the labor market. That must be the end of it.

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