Zeil gets a city beach

Zeil gets a city beach

From an "eyesore in zeil will be a city beach. The youth councils, together with the city, have set up a new event location.

"The idea exists because of the 1000 year celebration in zeil", explains bastian robner, the man in charge of the youth tinder. Mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) asked robner a year and a half ago: "what could you do for the youth at the 1000 year celebration??"

The jugendzunder are an organization made up of young zeilers. "We’re all between 20 and 25 years old," says, says robner. They offer events for the younger generations.

First of all, the youths organized a plate party. But that was not enough for the young people. They wanted to "appeal to a wider audience", says robner. Then a member of the youth group came up with the idea of building a city beach.

Second mayor, dieter kopf (CSU), was familiar with the plans from the very beginning. "We were happy when we heard about this idea", remembers head. Because he sees the trend of city beaches coming up all over bavaria.

Suitable place for the city beach of zeil

Said done. The youths have presented the plan to the city authorities. At first the beach was supposed to be at the caritas garden, but the burgermeister found a more suitable location. An overgrown square next to the sports ground of FC zeil, which belongs to TV zeil.

This field has now become a city beach. "The building yard of the city has done it all", says robner. They removed the overgrowth and weeds and filled the area with sand and bark mulch. The highlight is a small pond in the middle of the land. New hedges and trees provide shade and a natural atmosphere for the city beach.

This reconstruction is financed by the city, says head. This is planned in the finances of the 1000-year celebration. "But there are no huge amounts", which cause sand or bark mulch, he explains further. And the yard’s hours are paid for by the city anyway.

And this city beach is meant for everyone. For children there is a children’s fun day with a bouncy castle, for the elderly there is a choir evening, for the whole family a cinema evening and for the youth live music.

Zeil city beach: exclusive food and drinks

There are 250 seats on the beach. You can drink homemade lemonade or eat a burger at them. The catering will be done by the youth tsundere. Every opening day there will be different dishes.

The workers have even taken vacation time for this, says robner. This was especially necessary during the construction phase. Putting up fairy lights, chairs, booths or music equipment. Everything was done by volunteers.

The helpers spent at least ten hours setting up the beach this week. Even before that, they had repeatedly met with the city and the land office to discuss the next steps in the construction process. "The whole plan comes from us", says robner.

The money earned from the city beach "will be invested again in the next few years for such projects", DECLARED ROBERT.

This is the income that made the beach possible. "It cost us over 10,000 euros", says robner. In addition, there are the expenses of the city for the design of the entire area.

Whether the city beach will remain after this year’s events is still up in the air. There are currently several possibilities. Head assumes that the city beach must be cleared first, because "it is not used in winter and no one can maintain the land".

Whether there will be a zeiler city beach next year also depends on "how it is received and whether there are again so many volunteer capacities", says head. Robner’s dream, however, is this: "i hope we can rent out the land like a fairground. Then people can celebrate their birthdays there, for example."

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